Dear visitor,

The Cultural Club “ARINI” opens to you its web portal and lets you know its history. If you are from Arini and you live many years away from your homeland, as you walk through the electronic paths, you will stand again in your old neighborhood and will remember your childhood.
If you are just a web visitor, you will know better this small but very beautiful place of earth. Your touring may lead you to old stone houses, to beautiful fountains with fresh water, to green gardens, as well as to burned forests that will hurt you, as they hurt as too a few years ago and we are still trying to heal our wounds.
Before getting sad, you can read the newspaper or our Club, “Ta Arinaika” (The news of Arini). Through its pages, you will learn the news of the village, and if you do so every month, it will be like living with us and as if you have never left us.
We let you draw your own conclusions and create your own impressions. The only thing we will do, is just writing a few words about how we started and how we have reached at this point….

Summer, 12 August 2000.
The inhabitants of Arini, permanent ones as well as summer visitors, who select for their summer vacations and also for visits at any other time of the year, their homeland, resolve upon a meeting, to establish a Club. According to article 1 of the Articles of Association, ”A Club is established under the name “Cultural Club-ARINI” with registered seat the local region of Arini, Municipality of Zacharo, having the fountain as an emblem and a round stamp that bears circularly the name of the Club and in the middle, a depiction of the fountain”.The first establishing members had been 61.
Spring, 23 May 2009.
The 1st Issue of the newspaper “Ta Arinaika” is published, which was written and proposed to the BoD of the Club by Despina Daliani, wife of Sotirios. The proposal is made accepted and its issuance on a monthly basis is resolved. The newspaper is four-page and of a small format (A4).
After the procedures, natural persons and the name of the print are required for the circulation license by the Ministry of Press and according to the law regarding prints, for the publication and Management of the newspaper.
The President of the Club, Mrs. Niki Prassa, undertakes the responsibility for the publication, while Despina Daliani, Member of the B.o.D, undertakes the Management and Editing. The printing for the first twelve (12) issues is a kind offer of Dimosthenis Polychronopoulos, Member of the Club.
On April the 4th 2010, upon resolution of the General Meeting, the Club continues the publication of the newspaper and with the financial support of the Members, undertakes to bear the printing costs.
On April 2011, the 24th issue is published, where upon initiative of the President of the Club, Niki Prassa, from an A4 four-page it is converted to an A3 two-page newspaper. Its format and size changes, but its content virtually remains as it is.
Spring, 17 May 2011
The Cultural Club “ARINI” and the newspaper “Ta Arinaika”, acquired their own website. The space is gently provided by the creator of the webpage Georgios Dalianis, son of Dimitrios, Member of the Club, who had the inspiration and the desire to offer, for the homeland of its origin. He is a young man and except for the creation, the ensuring of the operation license and the cost, he has also undertaken the administration of the webpage. We hope with this initiative, to approach all the young persons of his generation, who have been get familiarized with the internet, in order to respond to the call of the electronic communication, so as to enrich the webpage of Arini with information, photos and with anything else that may help to the promotion of our village.