The ever memorable Konstantinos Sakelariou, son of Nikolaos, Honorary General Inspector of Primary Education, was born in Arini in 1907. He died and buried in Athens on 16/4/1985. He graduated from the secondary school of Andritsaina in 1925 and from the Teacher-Training College of Pyrgos in 1926. He served for many years in primary schools of Central Macedonia and received further education in 1931 in the Agricultural Tuition Center of Larisa and in 1953 in the University of Athens. In 1936, he was placed in the Experimental School of Athens, where he was occupied with matters of Specific Teaching Methods and with the writing of teaching books for pupils of Primary Schools. He was awarded by Athens Academy for his book “The Forest”. He participated in the epopee in Albania of 1940-41, with the rank of the lieutenant of the Artillery, as Commander of the Artillery Squad Convoy of the 3rd Regiment and served at the forward zone from 10/11/1940 until the end of the war. He took place in the operations for the conquest of Politsani-Soucha line in December of 1940 and of the Bouaze-Sefer Ayat height from 28/1/1941 to 17/4/1941 as well as in the defensive battle at the heights near Argyrokastro in 18-19/4/1941. He was wounded during the war. He became an Inspector of Primary Schools and was firstly placed in the region of Komotini, where at the same time with his educating duties he served there at the Battalion which was supported by the Municipality, from 22/8/1948 to 16/10/1949, as a reserve artillery lieutenant. In Komotini, he married the beautiful teacher Charikila Theodoridou and with her, he fathered his son Nikos in 1951. As an inspector he served in the Prefectures of Evritania, Dodekanisa, Evia and Achaia until he retired in 30/9/1964 as an honorary General Inspector. He was distinguished for the integrity of his character and did not accept interventions of third parties in his work. As a retired, he was writing for the provincial press of Olympia and was publishing historical and cultural articles for his homeland, Arini.

The Writer Athanasios D. Bitsanis was born in Arini, Olympia in 1933 and his parents were peasants. He draws his origins from Poliani of Messenia and he is a distant descendant of an historical family from the generation of Papaflessas. He learned his first letters in the primary school of Milea (Skliva) in the difficult years of the Italy and German occupation. He graduated from the secondary school of Zacharo in 1954. He served in the Air Force as a reserve Officer from 1955 to 1958. He studied Political and Economic Sciences in the former Panteion School and in the University of Athens Law Faculty. He worked in the Hellenic Post Offices (ELTA) as a senior administrative officer until he retired in 1990. He lives with his wife, Anna Katsouli and his two children, Dimitris and Giorgos in Athens. Except for the book “ARINI TODAY” (“Η ΣΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ ΑΡΗΝΗ») (published in 1995), that constituted the main source of information for the construction of this webpage, another work of his is “THE ANCIENT ARINI” (“Η ΑΡΧΑΙΑ ΑΡΗΝΗ) (Published in 1962)