With King’s Decree 9/21 April of 1835, the municipality of Arini was established with Tsorvatzi as a capital. In the following years, the seat of the municipality of Arini was Tsorvatzi. Until 1881, the following persons served as Mayors, with Misichronis family being the most prominent one:
a) Fotis Misichronis (brigadier) and dignitary of the village,
b) Kostas Misichronis, son of Fotis, from Tsorvatzi
c) Panayiotis Misichronis, son of Fotis, from Tsorvatzi,
d) Giannis Mpampis, from Tsorvatzi
e) Kostas Panagiotopoulos, from Tsorvatzi,
The following persons served as deputy mayors:
a) Andreas Papadimas, from Alvaena
b) Giannis Drivalos, from Alvaena
c) Anastasis Grammatikos, from Bischini
Kostas Sakelariou or Sinikis from Andritsaina was appointed from the beginning as secretary of the municipality. He was son-in-law of Fotis Misichronis and he was ordained priest of the village and was known under the name father Sinikis.
From 1881 to 1912, when the seat of the municipality of Arini was definitely transferred to Zacharo, the mayors had been from Zacharo and were the following ones: Panayiotis Daikos, Agisilaos Mousamas, Ioannis A. Tsironis, Aristogiton G. Agriopoulos, Georgios K. Spiliopoulos, Konstantinos I. Karapanayiotis and Ioannis K. Spiliopoulos.
From 1912 that Tsorvatzi (Arini) was acknowledged as a self-existent Community, the following men from Arini served until today as presidents and councilors in alphabetical order:
1. Abramopoulos Vassilis
2. Daikos Fotis
3. Dalianis Aristides
4. Dalianis Tryfonas
5. Misichronis Vassilis
6. Misichronis Charalampis
7. Panagopoulos Socrates
8. Prassas Thanasis
9. Roumeliotis Fotis
10. Floros Dimos
1. Agiannidi Konstantina
2. Alexopoulos Thanasis
3. Vasilopoulos Charilis
4. Drakopoulos Manolis
5. Dalianis Christos
6. Danes Giorgis
7. Zafiris Dimitris
8. Zafiris Giorgis
9. Iliopoulos Thanasis
10. Iliopoulos Giannis
11. Kopanitsanos Fotis
12. Nikolakopoulos Dimitris
13. Panagopoulos Socrates
14. Panagopoulos Giorgis
15. Panagoulias Thanasis
16. Pavlos Thodoris
17. Prassas Alexis
18. Prassas Thanasis son of A.
19. Prassas Lampros
20. Prassas Stamatis
21. Roumeliotis Fotis
22. Roumeliotis Charalampis
23. Sokas Spyros
24. Tzevelekos Nikos
25. Floros Dimos
26. Floros Dionysis
27. Christodoulopoulos Kostas
28. Christodoulopoulos Christodoulos
1) Koutoukos Konstantinos from Milea
2) Flessa Iliopoulou Ioanna from Anilio