Stone monument for our dead citizens

There is a proverb of Horatio saying “If you see the house of your neighbour being burned, the fire will come to your own house too”. This was not long to come in our village too.

The 24th of August 2007 is the date that will remain deep in our memory as the worst day that the area of Zacharo ever saw, after the National Revolution of 1821. The lethal fire was destined to destroy the unique and exquisite beauty of the area as well as of the village. The entire area of the municipality of Zacharo was completely destroyed, entire villages were eliminated, human lives were lost, and the natural resources of Zacharo did not remain unharmed from the catastrophe.
Our village, except for material damages and the wreckage of the natural landscape, did not count any losses of human lives. On the following day from the fires, a new day started, with the inhabitants being determined to overcome in any manner the difficulties they had to face and to work for the regeneration of the natural landscape, as well as of their properties in order to be able to deliver to the following generations anything they received themselves from the previous ones.