The patron saint of the village is Saint Athanasius (Agios Athanasios), which is subject to the Holy Diocese of Triphylia and Olympia (former Diocese of Christianoupoli) with Kiparissia as the seat of the Diocese and is celebrated on January the 18th. As it arises from the unpublished lists of the churches, the monasteries and the clergymen, which were drawn up in 1829 by the historian of the National Revolution and church vicar of Christianoupoli, canon Amvrosios Fratzis, the church of Saint Athanasius was burned down by the Turks.

Since then, the church of “Ai Thanasis” was repaired many times and recently, the building was restored in 1954, at the expenses of the ever memorable American from Arini, Kostas Sakelariou ,as well as with charities of other people from Arini. The following churches also belong to the parish of Saint Athanasius:
a) Zoodochos Pigi, which was built at the expenses of Pan. Mpampis, around 1900 and was refurbished in 1964 by his son Giannis Mpampis. 

b) The Cemetary of Saint Konstantinos (Agios Konstantinos), which had suffered damages from the 19th century, was at a short distance from today’s building of the Saint, which was built in 1944 under the provision of the Community. The church celebrates the Saint on the 21st of May.

In the old days, other cemeteries had been the ones of Ai Giannis near the fountain of Mamas and of Agios Panteleimonas in the location of Bostania. 

c) The church of the Assumption (Kimisi tis Theotokou) at the upper side of the village was built by Thanasis Georgoulis and G. Nikolakopoulos. Upon decision of the club that was unanimously taken on 14/10/1984 it was established to celebrate on the 15th of August.

The country churches of the village are the following ones: the church of Ai Giannis at Prassaika, which was destroyed in the 19th century and was completely restored in the 21st century, the church of Ai Giorgis which does not exist anymore, opposite to Ai Giannis and the church of Ai Nikolas at Lefkia, where a mass is performed at the feast day of the Saint in May.

The little church of Agios Panteleimonas with the old cemetery is also among the country churches of the village. Today, there is only one little shrine to remind us that sometime, the church of Agios Panteleimonas existed sometime at that place.