The Gorge of Arini with a length of 4 km is situated near the built-up area Spilia, 2 km away from Arini. The morphology of the ground is such that Kompori hill is almost adjacent to the opposite hill of Spilia and both of them seem to be hugged. Out of this structure that was created by nature a deep ravine was formed from the old days, perhaps during the geological period, almost pathless, that reminds to the visitor the wonderful Samaria gorge. Through this narrow gorge, the waters of the river Anigros pass, which river springs from the mountain Minthi and flows into the Ionian Sea. Due to the heavy winters of the past and the abundant waters of the river, Gerania lake was formed at that place, of a relevant size and depth, which had been named “swimming school” by the young people of the village, because in this lake, they were taking their first swimming lessons.
They named it Gerania, because its water had a dark blue colour like the Gerania mountains of Korinthia. In any case, Gerania is still a wonderful “construction” of nature and it is worth visiting it.
From the book of Athanasios Bitsanis which was published in 1962 under the title “The Ancient Arini (Its history)” we can read the following extract about Anigros river:
Akidas or Iardanos river
This river was an affluent of Anigros and during the ancient times its name was Dardanos or Iardanos, from the name of Dardanos. It was renamed into Akidas during the historical periods. Today, this river is known under the name Tzorvatzeiko river (which means river of Tsorvatzi) and it springs from the location of the Community of Trypes which is at the feet of the offshoots of mountain Minthi. This river, which has ceased to be an affluent of ancient Anigros, today it is fairly called Anigros. Throughout the centuries, the flow of today’s Anigros changed and now, crossing the flat land of Schina, between Zacharo and Kakovato, it flows into the Ionian Sea.